Which Nickelback song should the pickle parody next?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rock Music....

I love Portugal :D

Someone particularly awesome in my book has sent me this:


  1. i can't believe they are still making albums, being played on the radio and not getting rotten food thrown at them every time they leave their caves.

  2. They should have thrown Pickles.

  3. Did somebody say throw pickles? :D

  4. Really? That really happened? Wow. A whole stadium united in their dislike. Awesome.

  5. Follow up - just found this article about them getting booed off stage:

    They ended up playing a metal festival. They claim it was only 80 people who didn't want to see them, and 12,000 who did. But when he asks the crowd are there any fans out there, it's pretty dead quiet. Other great lines from the article:
    "[Nickelback is] the band other bands are slammed for sounding like. This is helped by the fact Kroeger has actually encouraged this sort of thing by producing other bands that sound like Nickelback. He explains that he likes bands that sound like Nickelback. "